What’s black label grill about?

Since 2017, black label grill has become a favourite lunch and dinner place for many in the pinewood area. We offer a lunch and dinner menu and delicious fresh juices and variety of shakes. We take pride in what we offer you, which are fresh, unique & consistent. You will love what we have to offer and the black label team can’t wait to do what we do best!!


Our Chef

Hiran having over 13 years of expertise in hospitality & culinary, excel in his profession in different verticals. He held different positions and prior to opening his own cafe he was a head chef. After years of hard work he was able to make his dream become reality. Hiran and saduni became proud owners of black grill label in 2017, managing the entire restaurant by themselves. Their team is their family and all their customers are their honoured guests who get the treatment of kings.


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